Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I have returned from Tucson!
I could discuss the horrible experience travelling ~ Let's just say do not fly from the northeast before or after a snowstorm.
sneak peek 

Once in Tucson, it was 10 days in Gem Heaven. I met so many wonderful people, learned new skills and bought tons of gems. I plan to blog about specifics in other posts.

I was lucky enough to stay with my sister, Nancy and her partner, Kate. I attended many family gatherings with them ~ Super Bowl party, Korean New Year, 2 birthday parties and a few of Kate's brother-in-law's "gigs". If you're looking for some great 70's rock in Tucson check out these two groups - Five Way Street (a five piece band - great for dancing) and C S & M (Coy, Serres and Murphy) (a folk/rock acoustic trio). Mike Serres is in both groups. Coincidentally, I taught 2nd grade with Mike's aunt over 20 years ago.

C S & M
Five Way Street

Kate lent me her car for the duration of the trip! Family is wonderful.
Tucson sunsets are amazing! And I enjoyed an afternoon of hiking in the Catalina Foothills.
Finger Rock Trail

I don't know why I waited so long to go.
But, I do know that I will be back next year!

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