Thursday, April 12, 2012

Display Cases? Or Not?

Earlier this week I posted on Facebook about a shopping trip to NYC with my daughter. It was a clothes buying trip for her, but we happenned upon a bead store and I just had to go in. I wrote on Facebook that I was disappointed that everything in the shop was displayed behind glass. Without really thinking it through, I did mention the store's name. It was, politely, in an email, brought to my attention that it was in bad taste, or maybe bad business practice, to mention the name of a store in a negative comment. I agreed, so I reposted without the store name, but left the meaning of the post.
I understand that everything in the shop was under glass because they probably are concerned about theft. However, although, the sales people were all quite friendly and offered assistance, the glass cases did deter me from purchasing anything. It is for that same reason I do not display my jewelry behind glass at art fairs. I want clients to be able touch and try on without pressure.