Saturday, April 6, 2013


About a month ago, I decided my business page needed more fans. Actually, I'd known it for a while, but finally decided to try to do something about it. So with just 110 fans, I set a modest goal of 125 and offered an earring giveaway to any fan who also commented on the giveaway post. How hard could it be to get 15 people to like my page????
Apparently, very hard :(  Here we are 5 weeks later and I have just 116 fans.

Please visit my facebook page -

Please click "like" for the page.

Then read and comment on the post for the earring giveaway. It's that simple!

The earrings will be similar to these.
Completely handcrafted. (yes earwires, too)
And... you get to choose your color!

Hope to see you on Facebook soon!!!

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