Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Earring Monday ~ weeks 35-36

OK - I know it's Saturday and I'm 5 days late, but at least I'm here.
I was in major production mode for an event, so I made plenty of earrings - even took pictures. Time to edit those photos and write this post eluded me for a bit.

First up is a collection coral and sterling silver earrings. I love to dress io simple beads with Bali bead caps. These are 10mm. I soldered and hammered the rings in the middle and used 8mm coral.

These were created to go with a collection of coral necklaces.

Next, is a mixed group - fluorite, vintage Himalayan glass and carnelian.
Yes, they, too, have necklaces!

Finally, you know I had to play with the big machine!*

So, we have a long county heart (2") that I annealed and curved around a mandrel (I see a channel dapping block in the near future.) and teardrops.

I love, love, love the satin finish on the first two. I discovered it by accident using a large wire brush from Harbor Freight on my dremel.

*"big machine" = hydraulic press

Please visit, my friend, Sarajo's blog to see who else has played along this week.  click here


  1. You've been a busy lady! I'm in crazy production mode now... if the 3 day show at the end of me doesn't kill me it will be a miracle. I love the simplicity of your earrings with pretty bead caps. (and now I'm dying to see the necklaces they go with) Thanks for playing along with me!

  2. All the designs are very beautiful - I like all the variations with red and fluorite is one of my favorite stones. The last threesome are very impressive - they make a statement just for themselves!