Monday, April 20, 2015

New Earring Monday.... ( through week 16)

Yeah - I lost track of what week it was, so I checked Sarajo's post for dates.
I'll try to get back to bi-weekly posts ~ but ~ no promises.
And, since I should be preparing for my very first North Carolina Art & Craft fair, I'll try to make this brief.

First up are my offerings for April's birthstone.
I acquired (purchased) a bunch of Herkimer diamonds in Tucson. For those who don't know, Herkimer diamonds aren't really diamonds. They are faceted quartz that come out of the ground just like you see them here. They are mined in Herkimer, NY.
 (Yay! NY!)

New earring cards for Ollie's Cafe & Gift Shop
Inspired by Sarajo Wentling
created for a 6 year old's April birthday!

I love these sterling silver discs I created with my disc cutter!

Since May is just around the corner, I had to dig out some emeralds.

Aren't these sweet!

A few weeks ago, I demonstrated flame painting copper at Ollie's during Art After Five.  Here are a few of the pieces I created...

I love the way these came out.  I tried a different technique.
I put the torch really close to the metal and pulled it away quickly.

demonstration mode
heavy equipment!

The shapes were cut on my Harbor Freight hydraulic press using pancake dies from Potter USA.

Finally, I've also had a lot of fun with my disc cutter and wooden dapping blocks.
Someday, I'll figure out how to photograph shiny sterling silver.

I might oxidize the next batch. But I do love these shiny!

Looks like I just might have enough inventory foe "Spring Daze" arts and crafts fair in Cary, NC this Saturday 4/25.
Stop by if  you're in the neighborhood!

Don't forget to click here to visit Sarajo's blog to find all the other earring artists!


  1. GORGEOUS pieces! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shiny discs - *drool* indeed!


  2. Wow, Jeanne! So many lovelies! I love what you've been up to and seeing that last batch really makes me want to pursue getting a disc cutter of my very own. Thanks for playing along and good luck at Spring Daze!

  3. I also love the shiny. Awesome job on so many pairs of gorgeous earrings. I especially love the patterned hoop disc with the long ear wires and the torched copper triangles.

  4. I can't choose which of these different styles and techniques I like best. Wow!